Can I print at the library and how much does it cost?


Don’t Have a Printer and Need to Print? 

There are two multi-function printer’s (MFP) set up for students to utilize. They can be found in the FLC and in the KCC adjacent to the mail center. Prints are $.10 per side for black and white and $.45 per side for color. Using your uploaded funds through BC Bucks, you will swipe to release and pay for your print at either of these stations.

How do I add funds to BC Bucks?

Add personal funds to your BC Bucks account using the GET app or by visiting (Note: The on-Campus Dining and Campus Store credit cannot be used for printing fees.)

How do I print?

You can add printers to your personal devices or print from a computer in the FLC.

Printing from FLC computers: 

  • Log into the computer
  • Open the file you wish to print
  • Print your document to the printer labeled “studprint” in the list of printers.

Adding a printer to your personal Mac:

Adding a printer to your personal Windows device:

How do I release my print job from one of the multi-function printers?

Once printed, print jobs are put into a private hold que.  Print jobs will sit in this hold queue for 24 hours waiting to be released at one of the two MFP devices.  Any print job that is not released within 24 hours will be removed.  Any print job that is removed and will require the document to be sent again to print.

Print jobs are released and printed while the student is standing at one of the two MFP devices using their ID card.  You are not charged for prints until the job is released at the printer. A mag-stripe reader is located at each MFP and upon swiping their card the student is logged into the MFP and they will be presented with the choice to release their print job(s).  Upon release, the document will print so the user can collect their job.

Full instructions on how to release your print job can be found here:

Contact the IT Center HelpDesk ( ) for questions, to report issues, and to process refunds.


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